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Econo-Rooter offers professional sewer and drain cleaning services for the Triad and surrounding areas at an affordable price.
Econo-Rooter continues to service numerous residential, commercial and industrial clients in the Triad area.  Our 24/7 rapid response technicians and 30-day guarantee on all rooter services is what makes Econo-Rooter a cut above the rest.  
Slow drain lines and clogged sewer pipes can cause major problems and even health concerns.  Our drain cleaning equipment allows our technicians to pinpoint the exact location of the clog and solve your problem once and for all!  
We have equipment that cuts through roots and eliminates clogs in sewers and drains of all sizes.  There can be several causes for continually slow draining pipes and repeated clogs.  Whether it is misaligned pipes, weather related cracks, root intrusion or another blockage, we can locate the cause and provide you with an economical solution.  
Econo-Rooter offers rooter service and 24 hour emergency service for the Triad and surrounding areas.  Call  today and see why the Triad area chooses Econo-Rooter.